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Please read below some testimonials from satisfied customers who remain a critical part of the success of our InIslam business. We believe these testimonials substantiate our claims and back up our promises.

Building honesty and credibility

We think of testimonials as the icing on the cake of our excellent viewer and client experience. We never underestimate their ability to demonstrate our credibility and expertise as online learning specialists and true Scholars of Islam.

Are our claims realistic?

 A question we continually ask ourselves is ‘how much money might our customers save by using our product’? How much time did they save by using our service? How did it solve their problems or improve their lives’? The answers speak for themselves!



A fantastic opportunity to learn some of the basics of Islam. It provided answers to those difficult questions.
Thank you.

Representative, Faithful Neighbours

“I am really grateful for the opportunity to attend InIslam training and I have had a wonderful day. The event has been extremely informative and I have increased my knowledge of Islam.I feel that I have a much greater understanding of faith and it has been a hugely informative day.

Thank you, it has been a really good use of my time!” 

Helen Brear, Inspector at West Yorkshire Police

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training. I found it very useful, it has been really good learning more about the activities of a Mosque and the community. There is a lot I will take away from the training.

PC Richard Vickers, Prevent Support Officer